Strategy Games

Tank Battle: 1945

The end is near for the Third Reich, masters of Europe for too long! In Tank Battle: 1945 you will fight some missions as the German Army, in its last efforts to prevent the Allied advance.

Tank Battle: North Africa

Take command as the British Commonwealth and U.S. forces fight the Germans in the North African theatre and lead your battalion to victory in challenging tactical battles.

Tanks of Freedom (Unreleased)

Classic turn-based strategy game with two armies fighting against each other. Challenge yourself in campaign against AI or hot-seat battle with a friend. Using easy map editor you can create any imaginable scenario to play and share online for others to discover!

Tap Souls

In a demolished world a hero was born from the debris to fight the dark lords. He wakes up without remembering his story but he must defeat enemies and defeat the dark lords…

Temsa7 Army

You know how Temsa7 is the best YouTube show ever? How about if I told you that we made the best iOS game ever as well? Help Temsa7 find his trusted companion Sadeeq and join the Glorious Temsa7 league! Destroy the Darbawiya, Hadifeen, and Fahad Albutairi and thousands of players. Don’t let anyone c

The Elder Scrolls : LegendsTM (Unreleased)

The Elder Scrolls(r): LegendsTM is a new strategy card game based on the world and lore of the award-winning Elder Scrolls series. Play for hours or minutes across many game modes that are easy to learn but challenging to master.

The Tiny Tale 2

Embark on journey with your Troll and Gremlins in this lovely causal builder game. Easy to play gameplay but challenging. This is a builder game where you order your crew to finish each level as fast as possible. Each level is a unique little puzzle and you will have to find the best strategy for ea

This Means WAR!

Modern combat just landed in the palm of your hand! Launch waves of tanks, troops, helicopters and bombers to destroy enemy armies while simultaneously attacking their bases. This Means WAR! takes a giant leap forward in mobile strategy gaming, putting the entire battlefield at your fingertips: Army

Time of Heroes

Under the leadership of prince Minos humans land on a foreign coast in search of a new home. A short while after going on shore, they realize that the land holds many dangers, but also new hopes and new allies.

Tower Defense

The bright colours make this game pleasing for your eyes,technics and guns make you feel how Tower Defense strategy game interesting and fascinating

Tribal Mania

Tribal Mania is a real-time strategy game that allows you to challenge thousands and thousands of players in quick battles that require all of your wits and planning.

Tribal Rivals

Please make sure your device is listed in the supported device list below for optimal gameplay experience

Turret Fighters

Assemble your Turret and command Archers, Knights, Monks, and other powerful Fighters against countless enemies in a battle for supremacy, fame, and… sweet booty!

Ultimate Dice Wars: Reborn

Ultimate Dice Wars: Reborn is a turned-based strategy game similar to Risk. Dice Wars is a combination of strategy and luck. The better your strategy the less you rely on luck.

VEGA Conflict

Stake your claim, command your fleets, and wage epic war in space. Rebel against the VEGA Federation and explore a massive universe to extend your domain far and wide.

Vikings: War of Clans

Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings, where freedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme. You must lead brave warriors into battle, conquer the world and prove your might against players from all over the world.

War of Nations: PvP Domination

Battle and strategize your way to total world domination by raising a powerful army to crush enemy military armies, forming powerful alliances to deploy devastating battle tactics, and leveling up commander units in War of Nations, a MMO war strategy game!

War of Stars

War of Star is a science fiction based mobile game which is designed by Unity3D Engine. In this world, players need to develop their own high-tech weapons and mounts, then to explore the vast universe or fight against unknown enemies by controlling various mechas and battleships.

War of the Zombie

War of the Zombie is a zombie outbreak strategy simulation combining turn-based and real-time gameplay across the entire world.

War Zone: World of Rivals

Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic War Zone of the year 2020! Governments and cities have fallen as rivals compete for survival, power, and the ultimate domination in the chaotic new age.

World at Arms

In this free-to-play all-out modern-war strategy game, you will battle across the globe, in the sea’s depths, on the ground, and in the air, following a deep solo campaign and fighting in an exciting multiplayer mode. Take advantage of the rich social features to find allies and chat to devise a cun

World of Battleships

World of Battleships is a naval game of great strategy and operational ease. Players can collect all different kinds of battleships to build their own invincible armada! From the Jylland Sea to Leyte Gulf, players can experience all the famous naval battles throughout history here. What’s more, the

World War 2: Battle of Berlin

Prepare yourself as the Soviet army is marching towards the capital of Germany, the Battle of Berlin has begun! Red Alert is imminent, the aggressors are already here, defend against the Russian menace as vigorously as you can in this superb tower defense game situated in World War 2 era.

Z War

Take command of your battle-weary group as you struggle to survive the apocalypse. The living dead is everywhere, but your defenses are strong. Transform your small city, rebuild civilization, and become a beacon of hope for humanity. Develop your skills, train troops, and send out expeditions to di

Zingy Space

Zingy Space - excellent , dynamic game for Android from the genre of RTS, which will be for you great time- killer.


Like the song says, good guys finish last, and in this case, they also finish homeless and on fire.


Get ready to take control of your very own island and defend your land from the humorous, silly zombies that attempt to invade!