Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Crush the Castle: Siege Master l Version: 1.1.5 | Size: 96.29MB
Developers: Armor Games | Language: English

The physics projectile puzzle game that started it all returns with more smashing trebuchet destruction.

Embrace the cathartic power of structural carnage and a really, really big trebuchet with Crush the Castle: Siege Master. The goal in each stage will vary, but at its core the objective is to catapult rocks into a variety of elaborate towers to smash them to smithereens. Destruction has never been so fun!

The king has sold off all of the royal army to fuel his loot box addiction and you must use the only tool left - your trusty trebuchet - to fend off the invaders trying to take over the kingdom. From rolling green fields to deep deserts and beyond, crash into enemy towers and drive out the treasonous inhabitants.

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KINGDOMS WILL FALL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Destroy enemy towers and reclaim your kingdom. Tap once to swing your trebuchet, tap again to catapult its ammo.

INTRICATE STRUCTURES TO CRUSH The vibrant kingdoms are filled with a variety of fun new towers to destroy. Use the power of physics to launch massive rocks into the core of your enemy’s defense and bring it to the ground.

HUNDREDS OF ENEMIES TO SQUASH Crashing into enemy towers is fun, but wiping out the baddies inside is just as satisfying. If your aim is true, you’ll crash into the enemy stronghold and send it flying, along with everyone inside.

UNLOCK SPECIAL PROJECTILES Rocks getting boring? New projectiles let you fill that castle with massive hooks or set it ablaze with powerful missiles.

FREE TO DOWNLOAD Crush the Castle: Siege Master is completely free to play! While you can download and play for free, there are optional in-app purchases available to enhance your experience.

DID WE MENTION THE TREBUCHET? Catapults get all the glory, but can they use a counterweight to launch a 90 kilogram projectile over 300 meters? No. No they can’t. The trebuchet is the greatest medieval siege engine of the middle ages, is the surest way to drive out your enemies - and now it’s yours to enjoy anywhere, anytime, in the palm of your hand.

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Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Crush the Castle: Siege Master

Crush the Castle: Siege Master

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