HIS M-Origin

HIS M-Origin l Version: 54109 | Size: 38.61MB
Developers: GameUS Inc | Language: English

★ Occupation War

  • You can play a massive occupation war of the Axis and Allied forces.
  • European War Area
  • Pacific War Area
  • North Africa War Area
  • Surprise and counterattack
  • Strategic combat
  • Reducing enemy ace by attacking beginners - Deception trick
  • A variety of buffs are activated on the forces as a result of occupation wars.

★ Event Occupation War (EU vs US, Korea vs Japan etc)

  • It is an unconventional occupation war.
  • This is done in a specially designed field.
  • Depending on the outcome of the occupation war, the named item will be paid as a special reward.

★ Mission

  • More than 500 actual historical missions are available.
  • You can play with other players in real time in historical battle.
  • Intrusion mode: You can play CoOp with another user in the ongoing mission.
  • Real-time large-scale flight

★ Over 500 fighters, bombers, AWACS

  • More than 500 fighter aircraft were prepared.
  • Actual fighter from 1940 to 2020
  • Fighter (speed fighter, attack fighter)
  • Bomber (heavy bomber, dive bomber)
  • AWACS (aggressive fighter, healer fighter)
  • You can grow a fighter.
  • You can decorate your fighter with various decals.

★ Skill

  • You can use a variety of different skills for different fighters, bombers, and AWACS.
  • You can grow your skills.
  • You can use special skills of the guild.

★ Quest

  • More than 3,000 quests are available.
  • Quest patterns and rewards are different for each NPC.
  • You can only get skill points in quests.

★ Item

  • Weapons (guns, machine guns, guns, bombs, rockets, missiles, torpedoes, aerial torpedoes)
  • Equipment (engine, propeller, glove)
  • Decal
  • We can collect weapons and equipment.
  • You can grow and strengthen the item.
  • When you grow an item, various options are created.

★ Party

  • You can party with other users to enjoy real-time missions, raids, PVP, and occupation wars.
  • Party play gives you more rewards.

★ Guild

  • You can create a guild or join.
  • You can use special items and skills that are supported by guilds.
  • There are items sold only in the guild.
  • There are items in the guild that can be purchased cheaper than the general shop.
  • Guild skill can be equipped.
  • You can develop your skills through guild growth.

★ Medal

  • Various medals can be collected.
  • You can use various buffs for each medal.
  • Medal title can be used.

★ Town

  • You can boast your plane and items in the town.
  • You can conduct live events through donations.

HIS M-Origin

HIS M-Origin

HIS M-Origin

HIS M-Origin

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